Quality Standards and Our Premises

Marlin Towers achieves the highest quality standards throughout its process. It begins with the selection of the steel that meets the customer’s specifications and project requirements. Structure fabrication is done using state-of-the-art cutting and punching machinery and equipment, operated by highly trained personnel. An experienced Engineering team supervises the process.

Before hot-dip galvanizing, Marlin Towers’ products undergo a cleaning process using European technology. This process makes its products meet quality standards unmet by other manufacturers in the Central American region. Marlin Towers is committed to protecting the environment, proved by its descaling process during the preparation of surfaces previous to the galvanization process. A system eliminating the degreaser and flux residues neutralizes the degreaser and hydrochloric acid. It also counts with a neutralization system and a water treatment plant.

For the elimination of gas and Zinc vapors, the premises have a cutting-edge gas extraction filtering system, which safeguard the integrity of its personnel.

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